Holistic Gynecology New York


Holistic Gynecology New York is a sanctuary for women's health, offering a superior gynecological office environment and  personalized experience. Dr. Eden Fromberg is a highly trained and skilled, genuinely caring female obstetrician/gynecologist specializing in holistic gynecology for women throughout the life cycle. Her years of clinical experience, dedication to caring well for her patients, and interest in current research and innovation gives her the opportunity to sort out complex issues, and offer a range of options and treatments to meet her patients' needs. Dr. Fromberg's areas of interest and expertise include pelvic floor dysfunction, vulvar pain, pelvic pain,  menopause, bioidentical hormones, integrative fertility, holistic gynecology, general gynecology ( irregular bleeding, hormonal imbalance, abnormal pap smears, HPV, cysts, PCOS, fibroids, breast health, vaginal and urinary tract infections, adolescent health, cancer prevention, family planning, osteoporosis, PMS), minimally invasive surgery and alternatives to surgery.