Holistic Gynecology New York


Holistic Gynecology New York is a pioneering sanctuary for truly holistic female health throughout the life cycle where personalized, innovative care cultivates authentic wellness, activates the healing process, and unravels chronic and complex gynecological, hormonal, painful, structural, functional, and autoimmune issues. We specialize in an empowering, holistic approach to female health, gynecology, and fertility, judiciously integrating complex diagnostics and state-of-the-art OB/GYN with a gentle, caring focus in an expanded functional and structural medicine context. We seek to empower you, the patient, with meaningful information, cutting edge research, alternative perspectives, and a range of holistic options that offer you the tools that you need to heal and feel well in your body while avoiding the potential risks and side effects of synthetic hormones, pharmaceutical drugs, and surgery. This includes everything from pap smears, sonograms, vaginal steam with organic herbs, functional medicine lab work, D+Cs, and bioidentical hormone prescriptions to restoration of the microbiome, personalized nutrition, plant medicine, osteopathic structural medicine, visceral manipulation, fertility awareness, somatic movement and yoga, and incorporating the principles of connective tissue biology, fascia research, midwifery, indigenous healing traditions and more...


Holistic Gynecology New York's medical director, Dr. Eden Fromberg, is a Board Certified Obstetrician/Gynecologist who is also Board Certified in Integrative Holistic Medicine, and she is comprehensively trained, skilled, credentialed, and has over 25 years of clinical experience, research, and innovation. She has been on the frontier of developing and gaining mainstream acceptance for many of the current holistic perspectives and approaches that were previously viewed (if not disparaged) as the domain of hippies, midwives, and folk healers. With the healing potential of these holistic and indigenous practices increasingly becoming recognized by modern science and medicine, a sea of "functional medicine" and celebrity-driven wellness trends have arisen, many using similar marketing terminology and Instagram-ready imagery. Dr. Eden Fromberg cultivates a fresh perspective and is an independent (yet always interdependent) voice of wisdom and clinical effectiveness in holistic medicine, staying well ahead of and deconstructing the trends on both ends of the spectrum. While many OB/GYNs prescribe synthetic hormones, pharmaceutical drugs, and surgery as first line treatment recommendations, Dr. Fromberg cuts through the noise and uncertainty, unravels the stories behind the symptoms, and takes the time and thought to seek out and treat underlying root causes. She truly emphasizes and values the ecological aspects of female health and the interconnected nature of our bodies, and is a passionate advocate for informed consent and bodily integrity. An osteopathic physician, clinical professor, and Founding Member of the Fascia Research Society, who directed a NYC yoga studio for 13 years, Dr. Eden Fromberg researches, develops and teaches manual and movement therapies for female health, and is a midwifery-supportive OB/GYN who is a featured author, speaker, and teacher.